From Restriction to Health, I hope.

April 8, 2014
I looked good (but oh so tired)... but was heading for danger.

Are you familiar with the idea of restrictive eating?  Constantly and regularly eating under the calories you need to sustain your health, often in the name of fitness? I have a bit of a restrictive eater for parts of the 10 years.  When I wasn’t restricting I was mentally punishing myself for not doing it right.  For being weak and eating too many calories, too many carbs, too much fat. Six years ago, I was: lifting heavy for 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week. doing HIIT 2 days a week. restricting myself to 1200-1400 calories a day. crashing […]

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April Goals

April 2, 2014

    A new month, some new goals. I LOST weeks of gym time to illness.  I got a nasty respiratory infection for Valentine’s day. The cough that would not stop lead to some Reactive Airway Disease.  I would wake up and before I moved I felt exhausted.  Walking to the mailbox would raise my heart rate and make me breathless. I slept and coughed and slept. When I finally got the doctor’s office, the diagnosis was Reactive Airway Disease.  All that coughing had irritated my lungs to the point that they weren’t working.  It’s kind of like temporary acute […]

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My warm up

March 30, 2014

My first workout in my new cycle was SO MUCH FUN! I hadn’t realized how much I missed moving like that! I benched a very conservative 65#, 70#, and 75#! My form felt really comfortable, and my third set I got a good 8 reps. The deadlifts were at 60#, too! Auxiliary lifts were DB incline bench, tricep push downs (those were harder no than I remembered!) I’m sure there was something else, but what? I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but… When I had my hip replaced, there was a little damage to one of my quad muscles. […]

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Knowing What I Want Makes Shopping Difficult

March 28, 2014

I currently drive a 2003 VW Passat stationwagon. When I stopped to make an appointment to get it serviced, I took some time to walk around looking at their current models seeing if anything would fit what I want. I bought my Passat when I did because at the time that or Subaru had the lowest back entry of any station wagon. (Also? most manufacturers didn’t make station wagons). I NEEDED the low access in a car that handled well, got good mileage, and had a superb safety record. In the 11 years I’ve been driving that car, I’ve managed […]

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Working an Adapted Wendlers 5/3/1

March 27, 2014
Bench Press

If you asked most people to describe their weightlifting program, they’d pretty much give you a description of some kind of body split program: Chest/tri, Back/bi, legs/abs.  Maybe figure out some fancy way to break the glutes/quads out of that. Classic bodybuilding formulas. I do the strength building program designed by Jim Wendler: Wendler’s 5/3/1 … which while it doesn’t quite ignore  , doesn’t concentrate on them either.  Each of the 4 lifting days is dedicated, instead, to one major compound lift and 2-3 supplemental lifts to help improve that major lift.  My workout days are Bench, Squat, Overhead Press, […]

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Build The Tribe-Better The Community

March 19, 2014

No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. John Donne I’ve been DEEP in thought lately.  The kind of thoughts and ideas that change my world – that alter the mental landscape and perhaps the physical so noticeably that it’s as if an earthquake shook me. I’m about a year into a personal movement to reach out beyond myself and find ways to grow a better community.  To think about my actions in a broader way. How does [my doing X] improve my Tribe? Improve my community […]

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Variety is the Spice

February 22, 2014

I usually have two knitting projects going at once: one that takes a little a more concentration with some pattern to follow, and one that is primarily simply knitting. The knitting is fast and mindless and fabulous for meeting the friends or working on BART. But since about October, I've been working on presents (STILL working on presents) that called only for simple garter stitch. Scarves, a pair of socks, the current baby blanket for our Vetinary Opthomologst, and more socks. While I've loved the projects, love the people who are receiving them, it's been fairly dull, dull, dull. So […]

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What is with vegan protein powders?

February 11, 2014

Since going on the gluten-free/dairy-free (mostly) journey, I’ve had to eschew my beloved 100% Whey protein powders.  I try to avoid most soy (too processed for me), don’t like the flavor of the egg protein.. so I’ve been experimenting with the vegan mixes. I finally can describe what I don’t like about them: they are not clean. Now I don’t mean this in the “clean eating” sense… but again any processed powder isn’t really “clean” I mean, simply, that they leave everything they sit in with a sticky coating that doesn’t rinse off easily.  The shaker bottle, the glass, the […]

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How I Brew Kombucha

February 7, 2014

I started brewing my own Kombucha last July. I was having stomach troubles (it often felt like I had chewed glass), and was desperate for anything that might help. After several weeks of spending $3 for a bottle of the flavored stuff in the store, I thought about how little it would cost at home: A Glass container to ferment things in: $16 Tea: about $2 Sugar: less than $1 Water A SCOBY. Ordered online for about $4. So about $23 for the first batch, but only about $3/batch after that. It is important that everything you use in this […]

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February Goals

February 2, 2014

It's the first of the month. The perfect time to sit down and determine which goals I'm going to set for this month. Exercise: Hit the gym 4 times a week for a strength workout. Each week that I successfully do this (Sunday-Friday), I can have sushi for lunch on Friday. (hmmm… sushi!). Cardio: Athe urging of my doctor, I'm keeping track of my cardio. For each hour that I do cardio, I put a dollar in a jar (aiming at using it for fun at FitBloggin14 this summer in Savannah). Up my caloric intake by about 150 calories a […]

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