Paying Attention To the Goals:A Fitness Lesson Learned Playing Cookie Jam

July 13, 2015
So many challenges at once!

I play a number of those silly “match 3+ in a row” games. Like Cookie Jam and Candy Crush… They are a simply time filler when I’m waiting for something else to occur. Or relaxation at the end of the night. Each round sets a specific goal, and these goals become more and more challenging as you get skilled. Kind of like fitness training. You begin by setting yourself a long-term goal, often some body recomp losing some body fat and building a bit more muscle. Next you determine you’re going to achieve this goal by doing Y then set […]

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Rehabbing strength

July 6, 2015

I remember it clearly. I had recently increased my leg press to 2 full plates (180# plus the machine). It was hard and left sore afterward but I was, I believed, making progress. Then my trainer, Guido, had me do single leg presses. He suspected there was a slight weakness discrepancy and wanted to check it out. With 1 45# plate on the bar, he had me press with my right leg. No problem. With my left leg the bar did not move. I could not budge it an inch.  We decreased the weight until we were at a bare […]

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The Barbell Complex

December 22, 2014

It’s a fairly easy exercise. Great way to get muscular endurance work and (cardio) without hitting a machine or running. You pick up a barbell do a variety of exercises a number of times before you set it down. Let your heart rate recover and do it again. What can be so challenging about that? Today’s complex: Using a bare bar, pick it up and do dead lifts, then bent rows, rack it in front and do front squats, press to drop it on my back, back squats, good mornings. Start with 7 reps. First set: This is going to […]

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Stair Push Ups. Or Push Up Math…

September 17, 2014

        I hate math. I really do. I was an alpha test subject for the very first “New Math” back in about 1960. Our joke is that I can talk set theory but can’t divide. Sadly, it’s true. But occasionally in fitness it helps to do a little a math, so we’re going to be looking at that today.  And (gulp) doing some dividing as we’re calculating percentages. Bare with me. It will be worth it for you in the end. I weigh 170#. I can bench press 122.5# for 1 rep. I struggle to do military […]

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Hybrid Life

August 28, 2014

The last couple months Wendler’s hasn’t felt like the right program for me at the moment.  Except for the 3rd (heavy) week, the volume didn’t feel challenging and the weight too easy. Yet merely increasing the weight left me failing all over the place in that 3rd week. I couldn’t find a happy balance of volume and weight. I thought about doing Starting Strength but 3 major lifts each workout just isn’t a viable option in my gym.  Finding ALL the equipment free in a particular order every day will not work. So I’m going off the reservation and working […]

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Monthly check-In

August 8, 2014
Posted with Blogsy

I have committed to working on small changes that will improve my health and honestly checkin in each month. I started last month. There has been little to no change between last month and this: July August. Change Weight: 172.5. 171.4. -1.1# Neck:14.875. 14.875 0.0″ Shoulder: 42.25. 43.125. +.875 Chest: 44.75. 44.75. 0.0″ Waist: 39.75. 38.75. -1.0″ Lower abdomen: 40. 40. 0.0 Hips: 42. 41 -1.0″ Thigh: R: 22.5 L:22.75. R:22.5 L:22.75. 0.0 Calf: R: 15.75. L: 15.75. R:14.5 l:14.75. -1″/ -1″ Upper Arm: R:14 L:14. R:14. L:14. 0.0 Honestly? I look at the changes and wonder I mis-measured somewhere! […]

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The Week That Was

July 29, 2014

I was on such a roll…. blogging several times a week!  What happened? And where did last week go? After my heavy lift last Sunday, I spent the next two in recovery!  All I wanted to do was eat and sleep. My body was healing and getting stronger. Well, we’ll see about that in a while… Monday I made it to the gym, but honestly felt too spent to pick up the bar.  Did a circuit style body weight workout to get the blood flowing and help with the healing. Then took Tuesday completely off. Wednesday began a long set […]

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The Week In Strength Training

July 18, 2014
Squat workout

  ========================== Sunday started out with such promise. This is amazingly my max weight week, it feels like it’s a week early, but July is a strange kind of month.Every workout is 5 lifts at 75% of my Max Weight, 3 at 85%, and AMRAP at 95% of my max. The lifts where I can crank out more than 1 show that I’m ready to increase the weights next month. My planned week was: Sunday Bench Press, Monday Squat, Wednesday Overhead Press, Friday Deadlift. But nothing about this week worked out the way I planned. When I got to the […]

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Thinking Diet.. By That I Mean Food Choices

July 15, 2014

I had a check up with my doctor late last week. Nothing drastic, and nothing demanding that much attention. But I’m struck with one thing she said: “In your case, you require almost perfect diet.” I’m not even sure what that means anymore.  Which shows how fucked up my mind is on nutrition at the moment. My nutritional goals are simple enough: 100-120 gr. of protein a day and fruits and vegetables at every mean.  That seems healthy and simple enough for me. She recommended a Mediterranean diet template: each meal based on plant-based foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables), nuts, […]

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#ToughLove I Don’t Want To Die Yet

July 8, 2014

Since FitBloggin, I have occasionally been visited by the spectre of someone in our community not being alive for the next Family Reunion in Denver. I’m not the only one. Margo wrote eloquently about it in her #toughlove post: What I Didn’t Say. I missed the FitBloggin post on #ToughLove.   I have yet to read the liveblog post on the session.  But this morning I realized that I need to write this post.  I need to ask for help and commit to change. Because, otherwise, I’m dead. And I don’t want the people I adore to have a virtual wake […]

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